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How to Sell Anything?

Everyone is a salesman. We have been selling physical products or ideas or emotions since the inception of the time. Still most of us, including me, are pathetic in the art of selling. 

This post is about how to master this art - in three simple steps

Ethos - Pathos - Lagos (Formula given by Aristotle)

      Ethos – Establish yourself by showcasing a prolific profile of yours - maybe your past accolades, superior track record, high end connections, exceptional knowledge, blabbering data etc. 

Pathos - Next step is to invoke emotions. We humans have exceptional capability of rationale but emotions cloud this capability. So try to invoke emotions of happiness, loss, urgency, ego etc.

Logos - Logic is the least important of the three factors in persuasion. Convincing someone purely basis logic proves to be tough task and hence must be the final step. It is like adding a seasoning to the dish

Now lets apply this to a common interview question- "Sell me this pen"

Ethos - I am a dealer with this luxury pens manufacturing company...We have been using low end pens since our childhood and thus joined this company. I am an exclusive marketer of this brand and strong advocate of this industry. Last week, delivered the same to the Warren Buffet office as well
Established my credentials and network

Pathos - I believe pen should not be seen as mere physical product to sign the things. It is a part of your vision, carrier of the brand dreams. Whenever you sing contract then this pen seals the fate of many stakeholders so should be something special to you. This is the pen for important occasions and is at present available for selective people only. It happens to be the last pen I am carrying today
Selling emotions of happiness, something special, Ego and fear of loss

Logos - Use it for a week, if you are still unsatisfied then you can return the same and I will refund your money
Giving a logic of money back guarantee

Sweet it was..Ain't it? 😆

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The power of visual storytelling

I recently came across this wonderful commercial of Canadian Tire "Wheels"

This ad was a slam dunk for a very basic reason - Within 60 seconds, message was delivered and hearts were touched, thanks to powerful storytelling

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What's Next?

Next day the same group of boys are playing basketball, but in a special way 😊

Pause reading. Go watch this Ad - Canadian Tire "Wheels"

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Until next time 😃

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Tip - If you want to be a good speaker, keep nourishing your left side of the brain by practicing and analyzing good speeches

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