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You A***ole. Go f*ck yourself

"You A***ole. Go f*ck yourself"

Pathetic service. Senseless driving. Stupid customer. Angry friend. 
All of them deserves such response.

Wait..Do they? or rather do you deserve to give this as a response?

I am not talking here of words but of our angry responses. 

Yes, we are living in the world where reality shows are in plenty but information is limited.
Where ego is in abundance but humbleness is limited.

The world where "Being human" is a brand rather than a philosophy.

I know, you have a lousy work or fake relations or crazy deadlines and lot of personal dissatisfaction.

Still ANGER is not excusable.

What? You said its natural?

But just because it’s “natural” doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Remember Marcus Aurelius’s observation, “how much more harmful are the consequences of anger…than the circumstances that aroused them in us.” Yelling might make you feel better for a second, but does it actually solve the problem? Of course not.

Yes the customer was stupid but he pays you. What if he has lot of friends who happen to be your paid customers?

Yes the remarks of the friend were not justified but what about those good times he or she provided you? those sensible advice?

Don't just consider the immediate consequences but consider the ripple effects.

What if you patiently listened to the customer and helped him in taking informed decision and win his heart. 
Or better what if you could have FAQ section dedicated to such "stupid" questions?

Your feelings are choices: You choose anger over calm; you choose fear over courage; you choose misery over joy. Which choice is more productive? 

"You A***ole. Go f*ck yourself" or Look. Smile and get going - Choice is yours

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The power of visual storytelling

I recently came across this wonderful commercial of Canadian Tire "Wheels"

This ad was a slam dunk for a very basic reason - Within 60 seconds, message was delivered and hearts were touched, thanks to powerful storytelling

The ad starts with a kid in wheelchair, looking wistfully at the group of boys playing basketball.

What's Next?

Next day the same group of boys are playing basketball, but in a special way 😊

Pause reading. Go watch this Ad - Canadian Tire "Wheels"

Lessons - 

Everybody's Inclusion will strengthen the nation
Hardships can be ignored or can be celebrated together

All it took is just a minute to deliver this strong message

Next time whenever we will see Wheelchair or Basketball, we surely going to remember this Ad

This is the power of Visual Storytelling

Until next time 😃

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In one of my previous post I mentioned how you can alter your perspective by teaching your left side of the brain - responsible for logic, to perceive things differently

Continuing on same thoughts - Left side vs. Right side of the brain, today I'll extend it to Verbal vs. Visual side

Left side, which is responsible for the analytical, logical approach, looks for verbal clues.

Tip - If you want to be a good speaker, keep nourishing your left side of the brain by practicing and analyzing good speeches

So every time you hear a speech or presentation, left side of the brain start working by synthesizing that information. Breaking sentences into chunks, looks into existing vocabulary to understand the concept

While all this time what is our right side of the brain doing?

Well it is trying to form some visual picture of the same presentation

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All We Got To Do Is Tell The Story Right

Stories have been an integral part of human society. Our day starts with a story - an excuse given to a boss for getting late and ends with subconscious mind cooking stories in our sleep.

TV commercial selling a story of person facing a toothache problem and how he is relieved with their product

A fruit vendor telling a story of why his fruits are the best and cheapest

But its not always about the sales

Stories can be memories, they are influenced by individual experiences. 
A friend telling us a story in reply to our Wassup

The art of story telling is the art of living too. The toughest lives will have the toughest stories. They yield the best memories and help us articulate our experiences in to stories. 

We all cook stories 😉 
We all know the art of story telling. Some of our stories are interesting and some are boring. Some are a plain lie (we give to our bosses). 

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